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Annamaria has lived a fascinating life as one of the entertainment industry's
most productive photographers. She is a world traveler who in addition to
working with leading artists in Brazil, England and throughout North America,
has dived
138 feet into Belize's famed Blue Hole, and hiked the snow-capped
landscape of New Zealand. A dedicated supporter of both children and animal
charities her drive continues to present new
challenges for her to conquer.

Over the last 20 years thousands of her photos have appeared in both magazines
and new media outlets around the world. Her work is featured prominantly on
the artwork packaging and advertising campaigns of a stellar array of
contemporary music performers.

After earning a degree in Fine Arts at UCLA, she subsequently attended the
Art Center of Design in Pasadena, CA,  where she specialized in Advertising
Design. In recent years, she has been lecturing about her music and travel


"Annamaria has the special talent to appear comfortable in almost any situation-
whether it's taking photos of executives in a boardroom,
or capturing images of whales 100 feet under the Pacific Ocean."

T.J. Harding, American Natural History Museum 


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