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Your Private “Tour” Photographer:
* Traveling with you to capture key moments
* Arranging set-ups at historic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes
* Creating family vacation photographs
* Documenting highlights of major corporate and entertainment events
* Producing advertising campaigns
* Adventurous well-traveled sportswoman


During my 20 year career photographing some of the most important figures in the entertainment industry, I have learned that discretion and privacy are key. It's a delicate balance, but one that has become my specialty. I am
there to capture the essence of your experience - the fun, the romance, and the excitement. But my style is not to invade your travels,
only to be
prepared to shoot essential events through my lens... and always knowing
the right time to step away during the moments when a photographer is not desired. You can feel assured that these exclusive images will always remail under your security and control.

I am based in Los Angeles, and am available to travel anywhere - for any
length of time - in order to provide my special photographic perspectives.

Pricing is customized per each client's project parameters.
Items such as event books and videos are available.

Please contact me at 310 652-4222 or